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January 28, 2016

Cabin Fever Remedy Paintings

While my husband was digging us out here in PA...

(view from the garage)

(working with just a shovel)

(my amazing man)

 ...I was busy working on some new paintings.  Just in case you have cabin fever, here is one to remind you that spring is only 51 days away.

Spring Air (16x20 Original Framed Painting)

(comes with my rustic hand-painted warm-white frame to perfectly compliment the painting)

Another painting I just finished with aquas and greens to remind you of spring.

"Barn in the Woods" (Original 8x10" Painting)

Stay warm and think Spring!!!

January 1, 2016

Starting the New Year with Clarity

I always enjoy reading the newsletters that come in some of our Christmas cards each year. It's exciting to see what friends and family have accomplished through the year. One newsletter had a word for the year that they focused on (thanks, Esther) and it made me think. What word should be mine for 2016?

After I dropped my daughter off at work yesterday morning, I turned on the radio and was listening to Dr. David Jeremiah, author, evangelist and pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church. He spoke about living a high definition life, one with greater clarity. You can hear his message, "Preparing for a High Definition Life" here:

The word that stuck out to me was Clarity. Merriam-Webster defines clarity as "the quality or state of being clear." Later yesterday, I saw a post on Facebook talking about clarity. So that pretty much nailed it for me for the word of the year.

Funny thing is, I had already been dealing with the word "clarity" this week before the word came up in the sermon. My point and shoot camera that I use to take photos of my artwork was gradually loosing its clarity. I've had it for a number of years and thought that it was about time for another one.  Before I went out to buy a new one though, I thought it would be good to do a little research to find the right one that would best suit my needs. My greatest need is one that has the ability to provide good macro photography. I will admit that I'm not overly knowledgable about photography and I tend to buy the simplest camera that will get the job done without much fuss.

While I was researching, I ran into an article about macro photography and discovered that my camera had that feature on it. I read the directions on how to turn the feature on and much to my surprise it worked. My photos were instantly much clearer. It seems silly that I would have overlooked reading the camera manual.  I really have no excuse,  but it did make me reflect on a much deeper level that there is a manual for life (The Bible--God's Word) that is often overlooked, because we think we don't need it. We tend to think we can figure this life out by ourselves. However, that's not how God intended life to be. He has graciously given us this manual to make us wiser and able to live a life of clarity, purpose, and inner peace.

So this year, with my word being CLARITY, I decided to read a chapter from the book of Proverbs each day. The book of Proverbs contains many wise sayings that can help impart wisdom into our everyday lives and provide wise solutions for the sticky situations we may encounter. There's a chapter for each day of the month. This year, I hope you will take up the challenge with me to read God's manual, because having clarity is a great thing!

I also just finished two new paintings available for direct purchase.  Contact me for more info at my email address located above in the shop link.

"Field of Flowers" Original Painting 8x10"

"Field of Sunflowers" Original Painting 12x12"