July 10, 2015

My "Philosophy" on Art

Did you ever want to "pick the brain" of an artist?  Today I want to share my philosophy on art, so that you can see the real inner me.  I'm also sharing a few of my fun pieces from the past for you to enjoy.

 I always got good grades in college, but I'll admit that when I listened to my philosophy prof's first session, my reaction was, "Huh? ... What?"  I had nooo clue what he was talking about.   I ended up either dropping out of that class or barely passing it because I just didn't get it.

At our house we have a saying that we used a lot over the years.  "You are going to eat it, and you are going to like it" or "you are going to do it, and you are going to like it."  Of course we always laughed when we said it, but it worked for us and helped our family to appreciate the simple things in life.  It also rings true for my outlook on art. 

Some artists have long philosophical explanations on why and how they create art.  That's fine, but I'm just not that complicated.

I like the simple things in life. 

So now when you look at a piece of my art, you will understand why I paint folk art scenes in country settings.  Yes, art is therapeutic, it's creative, and there are many reasons to enjoy it's process.   For me though,  "I do it because I like it." I share pieces for fund raisers because I like helping people."  It's just that simple.