April 25, 2015

Beach Paintings & Lemon Sand Pudding

Today I would like to share my recipe for Lemon Sand Pudding and a collection of some of my beach related art.  Prints of the paintings are available at the following link.


Lemon Sand Pudding

1 -14.3 oz. package Golden Oreos or Lemon Oreos
8 oz. cream cheese (softened)
1 stick butter (softened)
2  -3.4 oz. (small) packages instant lemon pudding
3 cups milk
1 cup powdered sugar
16 oz. Cool Whip

Use a food processor to crush the cookies (little chunks are great) Set aside.  Then use the food processor or a heavy duty mixer to combine the cream cheese, butter and pudding (I add about 1/2 cup of the milk to make it blend easier).  Gradually add the remaining milk and powdered sugar.  When thoroughly mixed, fold in the cool whip on low speed.  Using a 10x13 dish, layer 1/2 of the pudding, then 1/2 of the cookie crumbs on top, then repeat.  Refrigerate overnight.  (I usually refrigerate it about 12 hours in my refrigerator chill drawer on the "warmest" setting.)  Decorate with little beach items if desired for a party theme.

Skinny Version:  Use 1/3 less fat cream cheese, skim milk, and omit the powdered sugar.  This still tastes amazing!!

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  1. Oh Mary, your sand pudding looks soooo tasty, and is the perfect accompaniment to your gorgeous paintings. I love each and every one of them, but my favorite one is the beach cottage!! Oh my goodness....I want to live right in that darling house and ride the bike. You're so talented!