January 11, 2015

Our Kitchen Reno

Today, I would like to share our kitchen reno.  This is what our kitchen looked like right before renovation.

The first wallpaper (the flowered one) was easy to remove.  It just peeled right off.  That felt good!!!

However, there was another layer.  The second layer was attached to bare drywall and was not easy to remove, but after two weeks we were making progress.  Yay!

Before we ripped out the carpet, we decided to have some fun with it.

We chose the same hardwood flooring that runs throughout the downstairs and I painted the walls a soothing green called Willow.

Then the cabinets were installed...

and some new appliances. 

Now I'm ready to cook.

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  1. Oh Mary, what a difference! I love the soothing green color of the walls, the black cabinets below and the lighter wood ones on top. You must be so happy to cook in your kitchen!