December 30, 2014

Out With the Old, In With the New--Foyer Update

For the last 14 years I have been staring...

...and staring at these walls.

I recently heard a sermon featuring the verse, "Behold I 
make all things new" from Rev. 21:5 and I got thinking... 

What if I make a change?  I was a little (actually a LOT) fearful,
 because I removed our kitchen wallpaper a few years ago, 

which turned out to be...
A NIGHTMARE as it was applied to bare drywall!!!

 But, then I noticed that the walls were actually 
properly prepped and I just couldn't stop picking at it.

Oh no, now I'm committed!  What is my hubby
going to say when he comes home?!

Before I knew it, it looked like this.  
 Hubby was surprised.

But, before long, I was finished with the wallpaper
removal.  Yay!!!

After removing all the paste residue with water
and some vinegar and a little help from a
kitchen scrubby, it was on to the oil-base stain
blocker.  A must after wallpaper removal!  I put on 
two coats of this, allowing drying time between coats.

Finally, wall color time!  

You know what happens when you redo a room
--it's kind of like the children's book,
 "When You Give A Mouse A Cookie."

  Yes, you have to do something else.
My carpet was starting to clog my vacuum cleaner
 as it was falling apart.  So, it had to go!

Now for the reveal!!!  

Wall color:  BM Himalayan Trek

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  1. What a lot of work and a beautiful job when you finished!!!!
    Everything looks so cozy and homey. Happy New Year.

  2. Mary,
    this looks fanstic now!!! What a result of a lot of work! Great job. Congratulations!!
    Have a happy happy happy New Year

    1. Hi Elisabeth,
      Thank you for your sweet comments. I got a chance to look at your blog. You have beautiful photos! Happy New Year to you as well.