November 29, 2014

Central Market Glitter House

This week I have been working on decorations for the S. Clyde Weaver stand at Lancaster Central Market.  I  wanted to create a glitter house of the market for one of the display areas at the stand.  I made it with cereal boxes, a baking mix box, and some vintage music paper.  After lots of measuring, cutting, gluing, and tons of glitter I finally saw my vision come to life.  I set up the finished glitter house in my home to give you an idea of the layout and size and I may add some special finishing touches to it yet before it is put on display at market.  If you go to market, you will be able to see it on display on Friday, Dec. 6.   You will also be able to vote, via social media for your favorite decorated stand.   I also created some giant handmade snowflake ornaments (no saw required) for the stand that I'll tell you about in my next post.

House in Progress -- Made from cereal boxes and a baking box.

Decorative papers, vintage music and chenille wire glued to the boxes.  

My finished vision for the layout.

Be sure to stop back to see how I made the giant music snowflake ornaments.  

Update:  See the photos of S. Clyde Weaver Market Stand with the decorations here:


  1. That looks so awesome Mary! Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Mary, this is beautiful! I saw the glitter house in your blog header and loved it. I'm so glad you showed how you made it because I would love to try this. You are quite the artist!!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. This is the largest one I ever made--and was lots of fun to do. I love all the beautiful vignettes on your blog @ Town and Country Living.