October 13, 2014

New Fall Paintings & One of My Hobbies

I love painting for my day job and I have been working on two new fall paintings (available at Dutchland Galleries),  but I also have a hobby (which also includes painting--go figure!).  I love to make one-of-a-kind hand-painted ornaments,  altered art pieces, and anything handmade.  When I have some free time in the evening, while the family is watching tv,  I use this time to work on my hobby.  Luckily, I have a pull down cabinet in the same room, so I can interact with my family.  (I'm not much for being stuck off in a secluded room.)  I'd rather be with "my peeps."  I have a secret place that I sell these random things.  It's on etsy at:  TheOrnamentCottage.  You have to be quick to get them as they go within minutes after I put them on.  I don't have much time to put large listings on and I don't take orders as they are very time consuming, but I do enjoy this small hobby.  I hope you enjoy looking at the pics!

Pumpkin Harvest

Hay Harvest Painting

Pumpkin Fun - Painted Ornament

You Melt My Heart - Painted Ornament

An Altered Art Piece I Made for my Husband

An Altered Art Piece I Made for my Husband with his
Favorite Chocolate that I Painted on a Wood Block

A Snowman I made from scratch with a painted
gourd head and a body made from wool and stuffing.
He is holding my grandmother's wooden spoon and 
a painted snowman pale that I made from a small gourd.

My Creative Space in a Cabinet in the Family Room
(This is a tidy version; it usually looks very messy 
 especially when I'm creating altered art!!!)

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