September 18, 2014

Time for Pumpkins

I love the crisp cool air and colorful foliage of fall.  It gets my creative juices going to create colorful paintings for the season.  When I think of fall,  I recall fun memories of my childhood days when we went trick-or-treating.  Growing up with six brothers, we didn't buy costumes for this fun event.  We had to use our creativity. We often dressed as hobos, ghosts or gypsies.  I loved using my mother's rouge to give my cheeks a rosy glow and her  knee-length soft brown velvet dress flowed all the way down to my ankles.  What a great gypsy dress it made.

As you can tell, one of my favorite things to do in autumn is to decorate with lots of pumpkins.

 With that in mind, I created this sweet 5x7" painting, "Time for Pumpkins" in which little trick-or-treaters are out and about and some have stopped to decorate a pumpkin along the way.

I painted the frame to compliment the painting.  This sweet treat is available at
 Dutchland Galleries located in the Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster County, PA.
I may have to paint a few more little houses that the trick-or-treaters stop at. 
 Who knows what they might encounter?

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