June 6, 2014

Fresh-Cut Flowers

Two weeks ago I was at a yard sale and noticed a band-saw for sale, but didn't act on it.  After my husband and I left, he asked me if I noticed the saw (he knows that I have been looking for one for a long time).  I nodded and he told me that there was a man also shopping that was interested in it and he thought he bought it. As we got into our car, my heart sank as I knew I had missed a good deal.  We sat in the car watching in our rear-view mirror to see if the man bought it.  He only took a small box to his car, got in and took off.  He ended up not buying the saw after all.  After he left, we jumped out and went back for it.  I think I got a pretty good deal for just 10 bucks.  Here is my first project using the saw.  A large 18-1/2" Red Poppy sign that I cut and painted.  I'd love to do some other painted signs this summer.  This sign is available at my etsy shop linked below.