June 28, 2014

Summer Magic

When I was a teen I remember seeing a movie titled "Summer Magic".  After I finished this painting it reminded me of that summertime magic and warm firefly nights.  When I paint, I have a small glimpse of the finished painting through small thumbnail sketches that I start with, but somehow in the middle of my painting it takes on a life of its own and changes direction right in front of me.   Sometimes I even find myself a little bit frustrated in the process and I think I should pitch the canvas, but I have learned through experience that if I keep going,  I can solve the color or composition issues I encounter and like "magic" it turns out the way it was supposed to be.

June 13, 2014

Firefly Farm

Recently, one evening we were in our car at a friend's house, waiting for our daughter to come back from car-pooled youth group.  We saw our first fireflies for the season and then we saw two small glowing lights going up in the sky.  No, it wasn't a UFO, but two beautiful glowing lanterns that people release.  We watched as they ascended into the night sky and eventually they dimmed and burnt out.  A few minutes later we saw another set going up.  It was captivating to watch and we felt like we had front row seats to our own little light show.  I was inspired by the glowing lights to do this firefly painting and show their glowing lights ascend into a dark summer sky.

This painting is available at Dutchlandgalleries.com.

June 6, 2014

Fresh-Cut Flowers

Two weeks ago I was at a yard sale and noticed a band-saw for sale, but didn't act on it.  After my husband and I left, he asked me if I noticed the saw (he knows that I have been looking for one for a long time).  I nodded and he told me that there was a man also shopping that was interested in it and he thought he bought it. As we got into our car, my heart sank as I knew I had missed a good deal.  We sat in the car watching in our rear-view mirror to see if the man bought it.  He only took a small box to his car, got in and took off.  He ended up not buying the saw after all.  After he left, we jumped out and went back for it.  I think I got a pretty good deal for just 10 bucks.  Here is my first project using the saw.  A large 18-1/2" Red Poppy sign that I cut and painted.  I'd love to do some other painted signs this summer.  This sign is available at my etsy shop linked below.


June 3, 2014

Mascot Mill Barn

One day as I was searching the internet for barns, I came across a picture of a beautiful yellow barn.  I thought I would like to visit it someday and take some photos for a painting. A few weeks later, my daughter had a project for photography class to shoot a roll of film.  As we hopped in the car, I told her that we would explore some of the country roads nearby to look for some interesting subjects.  As we rounded a bend on an unfamiliar road, to my surprise, we found the yellow barn that I admired.  I had no clue that it was only a few miles away from us!