March 20, 2012

Signs of Spring - Spring Paintings

The signs of spring are all around us. The birds are chirping and are busy building nests at our home. Every year, we have a persistent bird that insists on building a nest in our front door wreath. This year I decided to forego the wreath until a later date, so that we don't scare the bird or vice versa. However, she wasn't daunted by the missing wreath and has decided to build her nest on the ledge above the door. C'est la vie.
Also with the arrival of Spring, I have been working on some bowls for Old Country Store and the People's Place Quilt Museum located in Intercourse, PA along with a few spring paintings for Dutchland Galleries also located nearby (in Kitchen Kettle Village).

When I'm not painting, I enjoy gardening. Yesterday, my husband and I planted our potatoes and carrots in our vegetable garden. We will also fill our butler boxes with new strawberry plants this year for next year's harvest and plant some blueberry bushes. I also sowed a long row of sunflower seeds on the side flowerbed along the house in hopes of producing a sunflower painting this summer.