January 9, 2009

December, 2008

This month I have been very busy painting 2 star barn paintings for Basket Accessories and completing a bowl order for Old Country Store, both in Intercourse, PA.

In January, 2008 I completed a painting of a little red-haired girl looking up at a snowman with a top hat on. The sun is shining and he is beginning to melt. The title of that painting is "God's 'Son' Melts Me Too". I sold it on my ebay site (starlitestudios) and to my surprise my niece bought the painting. She said it reminded her of her young daughter, who is a cancer survivor. I decided at that point that I wanted to do a series of paintings with the snowman. As an artist, I usually visualize each painting in detail before I paint them and when I finish one, it is so satisfying to finally get what I have visualized, painted on canvas or a wood panel. I knew that my second painting in the series was of a snowman dressed like a postman and a little red-haired girl was in the painting, but I could not visualize the full details of this painting yet.

This month my niece sent me an email about Hannah Garman. I told her that I know her family. She gave me the website to read her story. When I read all of Hannah's journal entries, I immediately knew that this second painting was for Hannah and I could visualize the remaining details that had been missing for the last 11 months. I felt God's tug at my heart to paint this for Hannah and her family. My husband worked with Hannah's Grandmother and I have gotten to know the family through work picnics. We were delighted to go visit Hannah and bring this special gift to her. The title of the painting is "Hannah's Wish". The family has been in contact with me as to making prints. We desire to donate all the profits from the prints to a charity. We are still working out all the details.

You can visit Hannah's site and read her touching story at:

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