November 3, 2009

You Are Invited

You are invited to An Art Exhibition:

"A Night for Stars"

Featuring 14 Original Paintings with
Swarovski Crystals by:

Mary Charles
Show opens on "First Friday"
November 6, from Noon- 9:00 PM at:

D & J Scott Galleries
323 North Queen Street
Lancaster, PA
Phone: 397-5360
**Show runs through the month of November
Hours: Tues. & Fri. Noon-5PM & Sat. 10AM - 5PM.
"Hannah's Wish" Prints will also be available.

October 8, 2009

October 8, 2009

This has been a very busy month for bowl orders and preparation for November's First Friday at D & J Scott Gallery in Lancaster. This is one of my Folk Art Paintings titled "Star Witch" made into a handy Halloween Tote or just use it over the fall season to carry your favorite things in . It is available in my online zazzle store listed at the bottom of my blog or click here:

August 29, 2009

August 29, 2009

I finished a violin order today. The customer loves Van Gogh's Starry Night, so I did my own rendition which I had to squeeze together elements from the original to make a pleasing composition on the back of the violin. In keeping with Van Gogh's style and the customer's wish for a horse, I painted a starry meadow with a horse on the front of the violin. The title of the piece is "Starry, Starry Night."

August 25, 2009

August 25, 2009

Today is back to school time at our house, so naturally I start thinking about fall. I have two new paintings with that in mind. This first painting, titled, Autumn Luminary Tree, is based on the 16th-century Swiss-German folkart, Scherenschnitte, but unlike the paper cutting, I painted a mirror image on a wood panel which takes quite a bit of time developing the design and then painting it to look like aged paper. The second painting features my popular landscape paintings with the red star barn, titled: Autumn Moon. I will be showing these works along with several others at D & J Scott Galleries in Lancaster, PA on First Friday in November and then will do another showing on Black Friday in Central Market.

August 11, 2009

First Annual Breast Cancer Benefit Bake Sale

This weekend my sister-in-law will be hosting The First Annual Breast Cancer Benefit Bake Sale on Saturday, August 15, 2009 in Lancaster, PA across from Leisure Lanes from 8 AM-12 Noon. This benefit will help sponsor two local cancer patients and also the Center for Breast Health. There will be plenty of yummy homemade baked goods, sausage sandwiches, hot dogs, chips, and drinks to buy for this cause. There will also be t-shirts available to purchase and with each purchase you will be given free tickets to enter to win several nice items donated by local businesses.

You will also be able to enter a "best bid" silent auction for one of my original acrylic folk art paintings done on a framed wood panel, titled: "Red Star Barn - Apple Harvest" that I donated to the event (photo above). The measurements of the piece are 28"x14" If you are interested in the piece, you do not need to be present to enter the silent auction. Please contact me by Friday Aug. 14 at if you would like to enter your best bid. The minimum bid is $200. Cost of shipping for the piece is $16.99 (anywhere in the continental U.S.). Winner will be notified after the sale.

May 4, 2009


Over the weekend I completed a new contemporary piece titled: "Misty Morning" which is in my Luminary Tree series. This tranquil work has greys, yellows and greens and a beautiful stained golden brown frame with hand-painted browns and blacks that I added to match the trees. The painting features a morning meadow with 30 Yellow Swarovski Crystals on three trees and 16 Green Swarovski Crystals scattered in the grass which look like dew drops. With a front overhead spotlight or long-armed picture light, my Luminary Paintings sparkle from anywhere in the room. Pictures just can't catch the true luminating effects. This piece would look fantastic in a restful bedroom. It has a very calming effect on the viewer. 

May 2, 2009


It has been a busy two weeks getting ready for First Friday at Central Market. My daughter, Vanessa had fun wrapping items that sold and Carl was across the isle working at S. Clyde Weaver--a family night out. I was able to complete 4 new paintings to take along to First Friday to include with my bowls and other hand-painted items. Two Sunday's ago, we visited the Hans Herr House to take pictures for two of the paintings, one spring and one winter painting of the house that I showed at First Friday. Check out one of my new paintings titled: "Hans Herr House: Spring Revival" done in my folk art style.

February 21, 2009


I am currently working on 4 paintings of the star barn, 2 paintings of my luminary trees and a 2-door cabinet for Basket Accessories. I just finished and delivered the 1-door cabinet for them shown on the right. The title is: "Dawn's Early Light". If you travel to Intercourse be sure to check out both stores (Basket Accessories and Old Country Store) both located in close proximity on Old Philadelphia Pike. Each store has a unique variety of my hand-painted items. Basket Accessories has varied winter hours. You can contact them at 717-768-7008.

February 14, 2009


Yesterday I finished a Valentine's gift for my husband, Carl. The title of the painting is "Diamonds & Ice." It is one of my luminary tree paintings and features Swarowski crystals and beads.

February 10, 2009


A new painting: "Wooly Meadow" on display at Basket Accessories in Intercourse, PA.

Hannah's Wish Update

This has been a busy month for painting bowls, furniture and working on the detail of Hannah's print with Darin. We hope to help many people through this print for Hannah, with all profits going to charity. Attached are photos of my first signing and packaging of the prints and one of Hannah. We have had two signings so far. Darin is in the process of mailing the prints out. Thank you and blessings to all who are supporting this cause by buying a print in honor of this sweet little girl! Keep praying for a miracle!

January 31, 2009

January 31, 2008

On Thursday, Darin and I met at the printers for the signing of "Hannah's Wish" prints and to go over some final details. Last night I finished packaging the first run of the prints. The Garman's agreed with me to donate all the profits to charity. Thanks to Pop-It! Graphics @ for helping with the sponsoring of the giclees and for the excellent printing job! Thank you also to S. Clyde Weaver @ http://www.sclydeweaver/ for the final layout, copying and sponsoring of the information sheet for the back of each print.

January 9, 2009

December, 2008

This month I have been very busy painting 2 star barn paintings for Basket Accessories and completing a bowl order for Old Country Store, both in Intercourse, PA.

In January, 2008 I completed a painting of a little red-haired girl looking up at a snowman with a top hat on. The sun is shining and he is beginning to melt. The title of that painting is "God's 'Son' Melts Me Too". I sold it on my ebay site (starlitestudios) and to my surprise my niece bought the painting. She said it reminded her of her young daughter, who is a cancer survivor. I decided at that point that I wanted to do a series of paintings with the snowman. As an artist, I usually visualize each painting in detail before I paint them and when I finish one, it is so satisfying to finally get what I have visualized, painted on canvas or a wood panel. I knew that my second painting in the series was of a snowman dressed like a postman and a little red-haired girl was in the painting, but I could not visualize the full details of this painting yet.

This month my niece sent me an email about Hannah Garman. I told her that I know her family. She gave me the website to read her story. When I read all of Hannah's journal entries, I immediately knew that this second painting was for Hannah and I could visualize the remaining details that had been missing for the last 11 months. I felt God's tug at my heart to paint this for Hannah and her family. My husband worked with Hannah's Grandmother and I have gotten to know the family through work picnics. We were delighted to go visit Hannah and bring this special gift to her. The title of the painting is "Hannah's Wish". The family has been in contact with me as to making prints. We desire to donate all the profits from the prints to a charity. We are still working out all the details.

You can visit Hannah's site and read her touching story at: