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December 9, 2017

Living Room Redo

Over the last few months we have been planning to redo our living room.  We got a lot of use out of the furniture over the last 17 years, but as you know, things wear out.   Here are a few before and after photos of the changes we made.



When you have a small room, you try to fit in as much seating as you can, like the love seat we squeezed into a small space.  Right???  I guess I like to break design rules.  However, when it came time for a redo, we decided to take a different approach this time around and get it right.

New Paint - BM Chelsea Gray

I'm not sure what the proper order is in doing a room, but as an artist, it's all about the paint!!!  Maybe some people start with a rug for inspiration, but I've been dreaming about using this color for quite a long time.  So I painted first and did the rug last.  I have a habit of breaking the design rules.

Next, we headed to several --no, make that a gazillion furniture stores until I saw this sofa....

...and this electric recliner that would actually fit in the spot and in our budget as well.  I wasn't in love with the fabric, but that was a quick fix.  

I choose this dark charcoal fabric, Pheebee Ebony for the sofa...

...and this black and white fabric, Dempsey Tuxedo, for the recliners. (It looks a little yellow in the photo, but it's black and white in person.)


We also spent a lot of time running all over Lancaster County, looking for new lamps... 

...and a new rug.

So, here are the after photos.

The large framed print above the sofa is from my Happy Valley painting printed in a 24 x 30" size.

The rug is a salt and pepper color mix to compliment all the black and white in the room.  It is actually a piece of carpet.  We had it finished in a charcoal binding to look like an area rug, and put quality carpet padding under the rug. This saved us several hundred bucks and it feels very lush underfoot.

Sarah Table Lamp from the Crestview Collection.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed the redo.  Next time I'll share some holiday decorating and vignettes, plus my latest new prints.

November 14, 2017

Two Christmas Events and Some Winter Paintings

Happy Fall Everyone,

I would love to extend an opportunity for a meet and greet with my friends and collectors.  On Small Business Saturday, November 25, I will be demonstrating my art at Dutchland Galleries.  The gallery is located at Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA.  There will be other makers demonstrating their work in the village that day as well, so it will be a nice day for a visit to the village.  I will be in the gallery from 12 - 4 PM working on my latest winter piece.  If you have a chance to come out to the village, I would love to meet you!!!  If you purchase a print that day, I will sign the back of the piece and will pose for a photo with you to add to your collection--so be sure to bring your camera or phone and your smile.

I will also be showing two of my small originals in downtown Lancaster at CityFolk Gallery on Prince Street during the month of December.  They will be available for sale.  The event is the first annual Small Salon Invitational and will feature several local artists and their small works of art.  The exhibit opens on December 1 and runs through December 31.

Other news:  One of my favorite things to see on blogs is the transformation of homes through remodels and redecorating.  Do you enjoy them as well?  For the last few weeks I have been updating our living room and I am excited to share the new look with you.  Maybe, I will even have it decorated for Christmas.   I will share some before and after photos in my next post, so be sure to check it out when it arrives in your email.

So, to usher in the holiday season that's right around the corner, I wanted to share a collection of my winter paintings with you that I have done over the last few years.  If you are interested in any of these as giclee prints, please contact me at my email:

Winter Haven

Sleigh Ride

Amish Christmas Tree

Snowman Sugar Cookies

Follow the Star

Bringing the Tree Home

Snowman's Cottage

Warm Winter Wishes

Rabbit Hill

Cottage on the Hill

Tea Kettle Cafe

Snowmen Skaters

Cabin in the Woods

Seasons of Rural Life - Winter

Little Christmas Tree Farm

Little Red Village

Christmas Tree Farm

Peaceful Valley

Country Sleigh Ride

Winter Fun

Winter Mill

Chapel in the Snow

Snowman's Tree Stand

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed the photos.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

September 30, 2017

My Summer Discovery and an Indoor Herb Garden

This summer, I discovered the cause of my constant headaches and 24/7 dizziness.  After being misdiagnosed for the last 22 years, I came across the real diagnosis while doing my own research. Sometimes you just have to search things out for yourself when you can't get any answers.  In July, my dizziness was through the roof and that was enough to make me no longer "just live with it" as I was told, but to take matters into my own hands.  While researching, I came across a condition and a support group with people who were facing the exact the same issues and symptoms as I was having.

The condition is called Vestibular Migraine.  I could hardly believe it!  Now, I never considered myself a migrainer, but the headaches I randomly have are mild compared to some people. Some people with Vestibular Migraine, never get a headache, just dizziness and they are called silent headaches.   I learned early on, that if I ate certain foods, I would get a headache, so I avoided them.  Also smells like perfume and chemicals would sometimes lead to a headache or a rash.  But I had no idea, that the constant dizziness was a part of the headache, an aura, so to speak.  I believe that the reason for the 24/7 dizzies was because I ate everyday, duh, and therefore many more foods that I never suspected were also a big part of my triggers.

It hasn't been easy, but through elimination of various foods and many chemical ridden foods, plus a lot of trial and error, I am starting to have good days,  among the rough ones and mostly headache free days.  Yay!  I have seen some other areas of healing in my body as well, as I journey through eating a whole foods, mostly plant based diet, so that is also a wonderful benefit.  I'm not feeling perfect, but at least I'm well enough to enjoy my life and I feel grateful for the health I have.

Now, for today's project.  Now that I'm eating as close to the earth as I can, I thought it would be fun to set up an indoor herb garden, so I have plenty of fresh green herbs when I cook.

I had this box sitting in the garage since last winter.  My husband wondered what I was going to do with it, as it still had last fall's dead foliage in it, LOL!  So, now I think he will be quite happy to see that I am making good use of it.

I picked up some of my favorite culinary herbs at the garden center and some organic soil.

 Then, I gathered some supplies and a cute round stone and was ready to go.

I lined the box... 

...then planted my herbs.  I kept the tags as temporary markers, until I make something a little prettier to mark them.

I wrote "herbs" on the little rock to sit inside the box, but you can put a fairy or whatever you like as an embellishment.  I also have a grow light that hides at the top of my window that will give my herbs enough light.

Now, my little herb garden is right in reach as I navigate a new way of flavoring my food.  Do you have an indoor herb garden, or any tips for growing herbs indoor?  I'd love to see some photos.  If you have some to share, I will do a post on them.  Send photos to

I hope you are having a wonderful fall day!  Have a great weekend.

September 14, 2017

Fall Vignettes and Folk Art

My favorite season of the year is only a few days away.  Yay!  I love everything about fall.  The crunch of fallen leaves underfoot,  the fresh spiced scent of baked pumpkin roll and pumpkin pies and of course the beautiful array of colorful leaves.  Painting with all the colors available gets me inspired!

Today, I wanted to share some fall vignettes that I set up in my home and a few of my favorite fall folk art paintings both new and from recent years.  All of the original paintings are sold, however you can still get a giclee of these.  Feel free to ask where it can be purchased if any of them interest you.

Inside the foyer

Parade of Quilts

Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Barn

Fall Decor on the foyer dresser.

Autumn Road

Autumn Barn Quilts

An altered art piece I made with a block of wood painted to look
like a candy bar and a cut out of a boy.

Pumpkin Valley

Seasons of Rural Life - Fall

A vignette I set up in a box in the hallway.

October Moon

A Night for Treats (now available as a signed 8x10 giclee)

Decor at my kitchen sink.  

Welcome Home

Wash Day

A cute little wagon I found at a second hand store.  I filled it with 
artificial pumpkins.

Autumn Evening

Hillside Barns

Some of my fall bowlies that I created out of 
different sizes of wooden bowls.

Harvest Party

Gloucestershire Village

Decor in the dining room.

Autumn Memories

Pumpkin Moon

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Autumn!