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September 19, 2016

New Paintings

I recently finished some new paintings and they are all now available as signed limited edition mounted canvas reproductions (giclees) in a 16x20" size.   They are also available as signed mounted paper reproductions (giclees) in an 8x10" size.  Contact me for ordering info at  I am offering a special of free shipping in the continental United States.  I also listed some small original paintings and prints in my etsy shop.  You can see them at this link.
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Wash Day

Gloucestershire Village

Pumpkin Moon

Whale Watcher's Cove

Seasons of Rural Life - Spring

Seasons of Rural Life - Summer

Seasons of Rural Life - Fall

Seasons of Rural Life - Winter

August 26, 2016

Paintings for Sale

Today, I am listing some original paintings in my etsy shop that I had at the cafe.  Here is a glance at each of them.  Follow the link for more info.

Spring Garden - Framed 11x14" on Canvas

Fresh Linens - Unframed 12x24" on Canvas

Ironstone Soup - Framed 9x12" on Canvas

Vintage Getaway - Framed 8x10 on Canvas

Tea With A Friend - Framed 7-1/2x11-1/2 on Hard Board

Field of Sunflowers - Framed 12x12 on Canvas

August 24, 2016

A Quick Look At My Painting Process: From Sketch to Finished Painting

Over the last number of years we have traveled to the New England States on our summer vacations, so I decided to do some paintings with a New England feel.  You may even spot some actual buildings from this beautiful area of the Northeast United States that make their way into my paintings.

Here is a fun look at the process of one of these paintings that I recently finished and that is available at Dutchland Galleries.  The painting is titled:  Whale Watcher's Cove.

A fast sketch of my idea with plenty of notes.

Basecoating the main elements.

Adding more elements and putting in some details.

Shading and highlighting and adding some trees and bushes.

The Finished Painting 

July 2, 2016

Summer Art Sale at the Cafe

During the month of July, I will be having a special summer sale of 20% off on all of my artwork in the cafe at S. Clyde Weaver in East Petersburg, PA.   Here are some of the available pieces.  If you like something and can't make it in to the cafe,  feel free to contact me for pricing and availability or any other questions you may have.

"Fresh Linens" Original Painting 12x24"

"Blossoming Love" Canvas Print on Hard Board 16x20"

"Spring Garden" Original Painting 11x14"

"Frosted Cupcakes" Original on Wood Panel 8x11"

"Field of Flowers" Original Painting on Canvas 8x10"

"Tea With A Friend" Original Painting on Panel
with Vintage Rustic Frame 8x11"

"Field of Sunflowers" Original Painting on Canvas 12x12"

"Vintage Getaway" Original Painting 8x10" and "Ironstone Soup" Original Painting 9x12"

"Evening Glow" Giclee Print on Canvas 16x20"

There is also an unlisted assortment of prints with matting and glass that I cannot ship, if you get a chance to stop by, please check them out.